We believe cancer is
one disease.

…and we are working on a universal cure that will halt cancer’s ability to evade the immune system.

In science, great minds don’t think alike.

Discovery consists of looking at the same thing as everyone else and thinking something different.
— Albert Szent-Gyorgi, Nobel Laureate and Hungarian biochemist

Cell BT is a different kind of immuno-oncology innovation company. A small company with an academic infrastructure, we’re uniquely positioned to research, test and rapidly advance multiple discoveries at once. Time is of the essence in CAR T science; with shortened innovation cycles, this promising medicine will bring hope to patients sooner.

We look at CAR T therapy for both solid and hematological cancers from a fresh perspective. We ask, “What are the barriers to CAR T-cell success?” —and we uncover ways to solve them.

To accomplish this, we are developing novel platforms and targets for solid tumors, while also  improving CAR T efficacy for blood cancers.  Among our programs is a universal therapeutic designed to reduce adverse side effects and improve accessibility for all CAR T-cell treatments.

The story of cell therapy is still being written, and Cell BT is working hard to play a leading role in the next chapter. 

We believe the science of autologous CAR T medicine is still young, and its potential is great.

Because it uses the patient’s own immune cells, it is a true personalized medicine

These autologous cells form the basis of a living, breathing treatment that can respond to tumor burden by expanding and decreasing as needed.  

Autologous CAR T-cells are proven and free from the shortcomings of bi-specific and allogeneic treatments, such as the need for multiple doses, risk of rejection and short half-lives. They involve none of the poisons used in chemotherapy drugs and radiation.  

Our Science

CAR T-cell therapy has changed patient outcomes for blood malignancies in ways that were once inconceivable, and efforts are underway across the globe to bring this success to other tumor classes. Cell BT is pioneering multiple innovations for both solid tumor and hematological cancer therapies.

Our Science

Solving the Solid Tumor CAR T Problem

While many are discouraged by CAR T’s lack of success treating solid tumors, Cell BT sees a bright light of hope.

Advancing Hematological
CAR T Therapy

Our lead hematological program is based on a powerful combination of a unique platform and a novel target. Cell BT is leading IND-enabling studies for phase one clinical trial readiness.

Working in Concert with the Immune System to Cure Cancer

We’re seeing new ways CAR T-cells can engage the patient’s own immune system to synergistically target and destroy tumors.

Making CAR T More Accessible

Cell BT is meeting one of the greatest challenges facing broad CAR T availability: cost.

Leading with Science

Cell BT’s Chief Scientific Officer, Alan Epstein, MD, PhD, is a Professor at the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California. Dr. Epstein is internationally recognized for his expertise in the development of monoclonal antibodies and other immuno-oncology treatments. 

We believe in leading with science, and Dr. Epstein’s experience and visionary approach put Cell BT in a category of its own.

Cell BT is a collaborative team that welcomes opportunities to partner with others who can enhance the pace and outcomes of our discoveries.

Partner With Us